Introduction of Company

Pasargad Electronic Payment Co. as one of companies of Pasargad Financial Group has started its activity with responsibility to manage electronic payment services, as agent on behalf of Bank Pasargad from February 2006 and presently is active in FANAP Holding. This company, by observing national and international standards of electronic payment services, took action as to bedding for presenting these services by modern instruments of payment industry.

Members of Board of Directors
Mr. Shahab Javanmardi, as Chairman of Board of Directors
Ms. Zahra Mirhosseini, as Vice Chairwoman of Board of Directors
Mr. Masih Mashhadi Tafreshi, as Managing Director and Member of Board of Directors
Mr. Houshang Motamedi, as Member of Board of Directors
Mr. Sasan Bahmanyar, as Member of Board of Directors

Product & Services

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Internet Payment (IPG)

For setting up this service, only refer to website of Pasargad Electronic Payment Co. at and complete application form of IPG. .

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Point of sales (POS)

In the world of today, using advanced banking instruments to perform financial operation is one of daily necessities of modern life

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This company as one of best electronic payment companies in country, issues most various cards in respect of system and …

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PayPod (Pasargad Electronic Wallet)

By developing communities and getting more importance of technology in everyday life…

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AVAND is modern approach of Pasargad Electronic Payment Co.

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Tourism Attraction Reservation System – ATTRES

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Settlement and Automatic Fair Collection (AFC) System

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SUNA is a bed for presenting store value added services

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Acquirers Club

With the aim to increase transaction between acquirers and Pasargad Electronic Payment Co

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High Soft

High Soft is a software approach for business optimal management. more information…